About Vanessa Jones Ypenburg

Vanessa has had a passion for art as far back as she can remember. Everything she did had to have art attached to it, and as her father was in the art industry this was a dream come true.

Vanessa spent three years studying fine art, graphic design, and drawing at Johannesburg school of the Arts.
From there she worked for BIFSA who sent her on a drafting course, then into design working in the interior design field in the graphics section, mastering the art of proportions and perspective.

From there she went into her father's business managing art Galleries and selling art and her own art works in the Galleries. During this time she met many artists and learned about and studied their techniques, styles and journeys.

Just as she was starting to get her art name out in the art field Vanessa had to move to Natal. Not being able to find work Vanessa started painting murals for a living. This was when the magic began. This was the beginning where Splat 'n That Murals and Creations was born.

As soon as she moved back to Johannesburg she was approached by 2 mural companies commissioning her to paint for them. Within 3 years Vanessa opened up Splat 'n That murals and creations. In the 16 years of painting murals she had become an accomplished mural artist and paint techniquest, being commissioned locally and internationally.

Vanessa worked with some of the top designers, and in elite homes in and around South Africa. Also travelling to Germany and Prague on commissions to paint murals .Having been interviewed on television, and radio with her works published in magazines for her mural work.

At the same time Vanessa was exhibiting her painted canvases in Galleries and at Artists Under The Sun at Zoo lake.
She was also encouraged to start teaching art as so many people claimed she had a natural ability to teach and the patience of a saint.

She then started taking up teaching in her spare time, encouraging people to be as passionate as she is about art, transferring her skills and experiences using her bubbly personality and unique style of teaching.

With her passion moving over to teaching she embarked on a journey to reconnect with artists and learn their styles, attending many workshops with renowned local artists.

Vanessa loved teaching so much she started Splat 'n That Art Experience Art Studio which opened its doors in 2015.
Now an established studio with a calm, bright, creative atmosphere. The studio shines with Vanessa's personality.

Her passion, journey and wonderful experiences through her life have brought Vanessa to where she is today.

Vanessa has over 20 years of experience in the industry and has inspired many artists to a level where they exhibit and sell their works of art locally and abroad.

When she is not teaching, Vanessa is busy full time on commotions and just loving doing art.

“ Art is not a job, it is a passion. Each art piece carries a little of the artists passion with it”